TravCom CS


The premier back office accounting and management system for corporate travel agencies



TravCom CS is our flagship back-office accounting system. We deliver an integrated solution designed from the ground up with business travel in mind. Large or small your agency will benefit from the latest in Microsoft client/server technology.

In addition TravCom MI provides over 150 management information reports; our CS report writer tool allows you to create any report that your company requires, if the data is captured in TravCom you can report on it.

Our product provides a rich set of flexible features managing your accounting, invoicing and reporting requirements. We provide a totally integrated solution handling all your financial data within a single application; we instantly capture (real-time) data from reservations, global distribution systems, rail systems and other 3rd party interfaces.

The Ease and Support You Want

TravCom knows that even if a system has the functions you need, it will do no good if those functions are too hard to use. For that reason, one of our top goals is to make TravCom CS easy for you to use.

TravCom CS enhances the ease of previous versions by introducing new, smarter forms, or Wizards, that step you through posting data and other functions, and keeps a rigorous audit trail behind the scenes. Modifying sales, correcting mistakes, refunding or voiding tickets - these and other real life situations are now a breeze, and the added simplicity comes at no cost to the detail in your audit trail.

TravCom delivers the functionality you require whilst eliminating the complexities involved in managing your accounting, invoicing and reporting requirements. One of our core principles when developing the system was 'ease of use'; we wanted to create an effective but user-friendly solution. Functions such as smart wizards and easily accessible audit trails allow users to modify sales, correct mistakes, void tickets and perform various other day-to-day operations with.

Here are some of the things TravCom CS guarantees you:

  • Seamless integration and reconciliation of accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger
  • The ability to process inter-booking transfers, create supplier payment advice and generate interactive accounts reports
  • Real time reports
  • A multi-company environment allowing each branch office in a travel agency to operate independently under the tax and currency rules in its own country.

TravCom CS Additions

TravCom Additions will allow you to tailor a system that matches not only your requirements for processing and efficiency, but also your customers' needs for support, administration and reporting. In short, you get access to a range of enhanced functions and a more advanced use of the system that can further increase your return on investment.


Key Benefits

  • Real-time general ledger
  • Interfaces that can be linked to any CRS System
  • Over 150 Reports
  • Track expected Hotel and Car rental commissions
  • Automated Reconciliation
  • Automated Credit Card Processing
  • Multi-currency


Product Functions

The Functionality You Need

TravCom CS inherits the functionality provided by its predecessors; we have built that functionality with knowledge gained from more than 32 years of experience. You will not find a better-equipped back office solution. Here are some of the features you will find in TravCom CS

  • An interface that can be linked with any CRS system or 3rd party vendor. The interface brings your agent's front office work to the back office, making error-prone data re-entry unnecessary. Your agents use the same CRS entries they already know, and unique codes can be added to their work to interface TravCom-specific information if desired. TravCom CS can even be configured to interface with up to four different reservation systems at a time. The interface can run continually and post automatically in the background if desired. (Please note that there may be an interface fee from your reservation system. This fee is separate from TravCom)
  • A real-time general ledger. This provides accurate financial, management, and statistical information at any time. The TravCom CS general ledger comes with a chart of accounts that you can customize, and you can choose between sales/cost of sales or direct income accounting methods.
  • Full-featured accounts receivable and accounts payable that make transactions such as partial payments simple and routine.
  • A tried-and-proven suite of over 150 pre-defined reports, including the automated B.S.P. report, and our exclusive executive summaries. A sample of the reports available are listed below:
  • Agent Productivity Report
  • B.S.P. Report
  • Aged Schedule of Accounts Payable
  • Aged Schedule of Accounts Receivable
  • Hotel/Car Rental Commission Follow-up Letter
  • Corporate Client Reports
  • Cash Requirements Report
  • Financial Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance Sheet
  • General Ledger Reports with Complete Audit Trail
  • Agency Status Reports
  • Invoice History Reports
  • The ability to handle consolidator tickets. Your agency can record a published fare and a selling fare for these items. The published fare is the fare that appears on the actual document sold, and the selling fare is the fare that affects the client account and general ledger.
  • The ability to manage two outside sales agents. TravCom CS lets your agency record up to two outside sales agents for each sale/voucher. You can have TravCom CS mark payables to your outside agents for payment only when their clients have paid you. TravCom CS keeps you in control.
  • The ability to track expected hotel and car rental commissions. You can send collection letters to the chain headquarters, the individual properties, or both.
  • Automated reconciliation with Pegasus Commission Tracking, PortNPC, and Commtrak. All vendors provide one check to cover multiple commissions. They will also provide a file to reconcile within TravCom CS.
  • Automated credit card processing through IATS and ICVerify. Automatically transmit credit card charges over the Internet through a secure interface built right into TravCom CS.
  • Automated reconciliation with Diner's Club, American Express, MasterCard, and VISA data.
  • A customizable set of product codes for the various types of products that you sell. TravCom CS gives you great flexibility to create product types such as service charges, rail sales, insurance sales, and so on.
  • The ability to export your data to programs such as Excel, Lotus, Adobe, HTML, or WordPerfect. Your reports can even be automatically emailed to your clients.
  • Automatic check writing gives you the flexibility of writing one check at a time, or selecting multiple checks to print.
  • The ability to have multiple users on the system at once.
  • The ability to work with multiple currencies.
  • Built-in security access levels that allow users to access only those functions you choose.
  • Reports queue so that you can schedule when your reports should print.
  • Recurrent payment and recurrent general ledger posting functions.
  • Support for IAR (Interactive Agent Reporting) to process your B.S.P. Report electronically.


Technical Details

The following technical requirements are necessary to support the TravCom CS implementation.

Hardware Prerequisites

The minimum hardware requirements to install TravCom are:


      • Intel Pentium 4 (or later)
      • 1GB RAM
      • 10 GB of hard disk space
      • Internet access/ network card

Database server

      • Intel Pentium 4 (or later)
      • 2GB RAM
      • 30 GB of hard disk space
      • Internet access/ network card


Software Prerequisites

Following operating System:

      • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition or full SQL Server 2005 or later
      • VPN (Virtual Private Network)/ RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) - Optional

Note: SQL Server Express Edition can be downloaded free of charge from (please consult a member of the TravCom support team for specific configuration details)


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  • We will provide a guided tour of our software. It's a good opportunity to see key product features and functions in action and get answers to any questions you may have.
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