• Travcom CS

    TravCom CS is our flagship back-office accounting system. We deliver an integrated solution designed from the ground up with business travel in mind. TravCom CS is a complete back office and financial solution.

  • Fee Manager

    Fee Manager electronically stores predetermined (customisable) service fee rules and then automatically applies the appropriate rules to any particular booking. The result? Minimises your error rate to zero.

  • Crystal MI

    The power of Crystal MI allows the ability to gain strategic, operational, and tactical views of a business, as well as help agencies to win and maintain corporate accounts by providing them with relevant travel reports.

  • Visual CUT

    With Visual CUT automation is no longer the missing part of the data puzzle. We provide a solution that helps provide relevant information for organisations and their clients in a faster, more efficient and more accurate way.

  • ClientMajic

    ClientMajic gives your agents the tools they need to manage their relationships with your clients. Your agents will have access to data captured by TravCom without access to accounting data.

  • CRS Editor

    A robotic tool which helps to automate processes where deficiencies are identified in the source data. CRS Editor allows such quality assurance analysis.

  • Traveller Profile

    Traveller profile is designed with business travel in mind, a solution that puts you in control of over traveller data, giving both the options, to either create profiles in house or allow your clients to create them.

  • Hotel Commission Tracker

    Hotel commission Tracker allows the corporate travel agency to carry out a reconciliation exercise to check actual commissions received against total commissions owed. We understand the importance of having a clear picture of your business!